The basics from where we build up our offers remain to be the requirements of the constantly and rapidly changing world, as well as the needs of our customers and partners. academus is active and visible in the technology fields of Smart Cities and Mobility, Architecture, Medical Technologies and Geosciences, and effectively supports all the stakeholders involved – governmental representatives, businessmen, academia/research and public workers – by finding new options for existing and future developments, and providing them with an up-to-date overview of technology trends and innovative potential.

We offer you to benefit from the experience of the academus team in both science and business administration.

In Category I (customer formats) we align key events according to the wishes of our customers. The client acts as host, academus takes over the organization in the background. This offer is aimed at companies that want to introduce innovative developments, new technologies or techniques to a broad industry public and, as a consequence, win customers. An example of this is the alignment of the “2nd International Symposium on Navigated Sinus and Skull Base Surgery” in Havana, Cuba commissioned by Fiagon GmbH, Germany.

The Category II offers (individual offers for branch networks) are aimed at companies, interest groups or persons who want to offer training or further education together with us. Here, our partners present the training idea and deliver their content. academus prepares a training concept and takes over the organization in close consultation with the partner. To this category belong for example the tech-seminars held in cooperation with TU-Berlin and the DVW e.V. – German Association for Geodesy and Geoinformation Technology.

Category III (basic events) sees academus as the inventor. We take over the complete development, planning and execution of the events. Our customers in this category are employees and owners of companies as well as the interested professional public. The events offer the informational update, further education and opportunities for businesses’ or projects’ acceleration. Example of this are the annual workshops “Textile Roofs” and the “International Urban Mobility Dialogue” developed by academus in 2017.


The benefits of our offerings are therefore obvious: on one hand, by outsourcing conceptual/organizational tasks you benefit from the time savings and can focus on your core business (Category I and II), and on the other – you have direct access to further training, qualification and networks in your fields of activity (Category II and III).