Our mission

We extend space for sustainable projects to be created, developed and fulfilled through targeting networking, as well as deep knowledge, technology and experience transfer.

Our vision

We aspire to assist the technology-based activities of commercial companies, state and public enterprises, foundations and academic institutions by bringing them together within academus boutique-events, designed in usage of specific knowledge we share.

Our vision is based on the following values:

  • Inspiration – for what we are doing
  • Solidarity – for co-creativity
  • Responsibility – for business, society and for each other
  • Reliability and Flexibility – for highest standarts of cooperation
  • Financial Sustainability – for ground basement of ideas

Basic Idea

academus organizes the intermediation of ideas, opportunities and know-how for different stakeholders within their professional catchment areas. We create and implement high-level boutique-events, based on the formats of congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops and others. Corporate growth and personal development along with appropriate networking and specific knowledge transfer are getting more and more important because of increasing complexity in the business context as well as due to intensive technological progress. Therefore, we put the focus towards required knowledge transfer and all possible cooperative synergies to be disclosed. Moreover, scaling our approaches in all dimensions, we also highlight the areas, groups and countries that have a clear need for development. Thus, our offers initiate and promote scientific and entrepreneurial view on the topics as well as assist the future developments of regions with strong potential.

We believe that open-minded dialogue between all the influential stakeholders is crucial and we make it happen. This is how our partners and us maintain rich information field as well as get clear view on possible development potentials while implementing any strategic plans. Continuous share of knowledge and meaningful networking within and between disciplines are fundamental for shaping the sustainable future for all.

Coming soon

26th Textile Roofs Workshop28th – 30th April 2024

5th Mobility Day Steinplatz

Autumn 2024