Medical Technology

NSBS – International Symposium on Navigated Sinus and Skull Base Surgery

Endoscopic approach for Sinus and Skull Base Surgery was established as a standard surgical technique during the last decades. It provides treatment for plenty of indications related to rhinological pathologies. Due to new developments from a sharing worldwide community it underwent essential changes and expanded into more and more challenging procedures. Surgical Navigation also known as Image Guidance is a key technology to support surgeons with orientation in this limited surgical field.

The international faculty of leading surgeonswill share their knowledge and experience about the current state of scientific and technological knowledge. The symposium is intended to share and discuss different views about anatomy, surgical approaches, future developments and perspectives on a critical but constructive level.

The excellent faculty of the symposium will guarantee an exchange of knowledge with top level surgeons.

  Dates Location / Co-Host
2nd 2016 June 11th – June 12th Havana, Cuba / Co-Host: Pan-American Society on Otolarynology
1st 2015 July 18th – July 19th Beijing, P.R. China / Co-Host: Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital Medical University