Smart City

UMD – Urban Mobility Dialogue

International Symposium & Workshop on Realizing Smart Urban Mobility Solutions

The mission of the event is to create a Dialogue between the city administrations from different parts of the world, and international experts, solution providers and civil society. We are inviting cities that have already had some success in terms of mobility development but that still have open questions and challenges. They will present these to innovative businessmen, academics and researchers as well as industrial and civil society representatives.

The outcome of the Dialogue should be a people-oriented, practical and applicable strategy for sustainable and smart urban mobility. The Urban Mobility Dialogue is a boutique event.

The Dialogues are no mass events. We expect attract around 300 participants – influential visionaries and thought-leaders in urban mobility who, through their work, can make a marked improvement on the quality of life in urban environments.

# Dates Key Note Lecturer
2. 13th – 16th November 2019 Dr. Arndt Pechstein (phi360 innovation)
1. 1st – 4th November 2017 Michael Mischke (PCH Innovations)