Lightweight Architecture

TR – Textile Roofs

International Workshop on the Design and Practical Realization of Architectural Membrane Structures

These workshops are concerned with the design of architectural membrane roof structures.  For most people such roofs are typified by world famous sports stadia and temporary exposition structures.  Although prestigious buildings of this type continue to utilise tensile roofing systems, the scope of application has widened considerably over the past decade. Today tensile roofs are routinely used in shopping centres, corporate headquarters, leisure centres, zoos, schools and even factories.  With a combination of visually dramatic curvilinear form, and economic efficiency, such architectural solutions represent an attractive option for many situations.

The textile roof industry continues to grow world-wide. In order to encourage this development, workshops on the Design and Realisation of Textile Roofs have been held in Berlin since 1995. Due to their practical emphasis and unique format, these events have proven increasingly popular.

The main objectives of this workshop are to provide fundamental information, as well as presenting the state-of-the-art in textile roof engineering. Above all, the workshop aims to provide practical answers to real-world questions. In addition to a comprehensive programme of lectures presented in English by key figures from the membrane structure industry and academia, opportunities for the study and hands-on development of practical case-studies in an informal tutorial environment will be provided.

# Dates Special Guest
2022 May 9th – 11th Jörg Tritthardt /büro für leichtbau – design + engineering
2020 May 18th – 20th postponed (Corona) Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jos Tomlow / Uni. Appl. Sc. Zittau Görlitz
2019 May 20th – 22nd Nicholas Goldsmith FAIA LEED AP / FTL Design Engineering Studio
23rd Moscow
2018 May 24th – May 26th Dipl. Eng. Ivan Uroshlev / Maffeis Engineering S.p.A.
2017 May 2nd – May 4th David Wakefield / Tensys Limited
2016 May 2nd – May 4th Mustafa Rasch / SL Rasch GmbH
20th 2015 May 11th – May 13th Dipl-.Ing. (FH) Frank Höreth /  Taiyo Europe GmbH
19th 2014 May 26th – May 28th Dipl.-Ing. Gerd Schmid / formTL, ingenieure für tragwerk und leichtbau gmbH
18th 2013 June 17th – June 19th Ms. Lena Brögger & Mr. Martin Glass / gmp architects
17th 2012 May 14th – May 16th Mr. Wolfgang Rudorf-Witrin / CENO TEC GmbH
16th 2011 May 30th – June 1st Mr. Mauro Pedretti / Airlight Ltd.
15th 2010 June 3rd – June 5th Mr. Jürgen Hennicke / University Stuttgart & TU Vienna
14th 2009 June 11th – June 13th Mr. Dirk P. Emmer / Vector Foiltec GmbH
13th 2008 May 22nd – May 24th Mr. Roberto Canobbio / Canobbio SPA
12th 2007 June 7th – June 9th Dipl.-Arch. Horst Dürr / Ingenieurgemeinschaft Flächentragwerke
11th 2006 May 25th – May 27th Dipl.-Ing. arch. Einar Thorsteinn
10th 2005 May 26th – May 28th Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Kröplin / University Stuttgart
9th 2004 June 10th – June 12th Mr. Rainer Lenz / Kauffman, Theilig & Partner
8th 2003 June 19th – June 21st Dipl.-Ing. P. Michael Schultes / TU Vienna
Asia 2003
2003 February 24th – February 25th
7th 2002 May 30th – June 1st Mr. Klaus-Michael Koch / B&O Hightex GmbH
6th 2001 June 14th – June 16th Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Axel Thallemer / Festo AG & Co
5th 2000 June 22nd – June 24th Mr. Johan Sischka / Wagner-Biro AG
4th 1999 June 17th – June 19th Mr. Robert Nijsse / Consulting Engineers ABT
3rd 1998 June 18th – June 20th Prof. Percy Hooper / North California State University
2nd 1997 May 15th – May 17th
1st 1995 June 15th – June 17th