High-quality trainings and degree programmes in science, technology and engineering have a long tradition across European universities. The great importance of university education in Germany becomes clear, e.g., by looking at the German engineering degree that still enjoys an excellent reputation. With regard to many professions, further training is mandatory, e.g., for physicians, architects and legal experts. Companies and employees are under constant pressure to keep up-to-date with the latest changes in research and development. Graduates from universities and other educational institutions can directly apply the knowledge that they gained at these institutions. However, the question remains how a company can keep its employees up-to-date over the course of several years and, thus, what companies can do to take action. ‘Life Long Learning’ has a great significance and must be integrated more and more intensively, on a professional as well as a personal level. academus bridges these gaps by actively facilitating the technology transfer from research and science to operating companies and vice versa. Due to a certain inflexibility of national forms of education and training that cannot be denied, we are certain that the commercial organisation of such transfer services is a faster and more sustainable option. This will not only benefit the customers but also the participants of the events organized by academus GmbH.