Current Trends and Challenges in Engineering Geodesy

The tech seminar series that was initiated in 1991 is organised by the Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformationsciences at Technische Universität Berlin in cooperation with the DVW Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. It addresses current surveying trends and provides innovative technological approaches and answers to relevant questions from the areas of surveying, public Administration and private economy. The lecturers take up individual problems from the surveying sector and discuss them with the participants from various perspectives. Lectures on innovative technologies that are aimed at giving fresh impetus to the cadastre as well as the acquisition and evaluation of measurement data top the programme off. The tech seminars are an informational platform on the current status of the planning and implementation of, e.g. geoinformation concepts and, moreover, a meeting place for the discussion of solutions and problems during their implementation.

  Dates Main Topic
tech13 2013 April 18th – April 19th Current trends and challenges in the field of engineering geodesy
tech12 2012 April 19th – April 20th Current trends in the field of measurement data evaluation in cadastral and engineering surveying
tech11 2011 April 28th – April 29th 3D (City) models in practical geodesy: Acquisition, interpretation and use
tech10 2010 April 29th Spatial references and geoinformation – ETRS 89 and GDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) in Berlin and Brandenburg
tech08 2008 May 8th – May 9th SAPOS®  & Basic principles of the spatial data infrastructure & blending of geographical and technical data
tech07 2007 April 26th – April 27th Quality management for geographical data & GPS in practical geodesy
tech06 2006 May 11th – May 12th Current value assessment & ALKIS® introduction
tech05 2005 April 28th – April 29th Process-oriented technologies for the official cadastral land register