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Come on! Berlin mobility in transition


The 2nd Berlin Mobility Talk will be Held on November 2019, 15th  at 15:00 Uhr  in „The Drivery„ (at Ullsteinhaus, Mariendorfer Damm 1, 12099 Berlin). In parallel the „2nd Urban Mobility Dialogue“ will be held there. Every participant of the Talk is kindly invited to attend the UMD as well.  

We are looking forward o your participation! Please register by email to


In Berlin, a large number of players are pushing forward the mobility turnaround. Already there are enough alternatives to move comfortably and at the same time to relieve the road space for the benefit of all. Extensive sharing offers, new types of vehicles, but also mobile applications (apps) for the intelligent use of various mobility services are being used more and more frequently, and are beginning to shape the new cityscape.

But is the mobility shift moving fast enough? Are the actors in your objectives really in agreement? Will we be able to take existing implementation hurdles together? Will the mobile urban man be part of a new, functioning mobility culture for all, or will he remain a lone fighter in a mobile mess?

Based on the results of the network meeting “Sustainable Mobility in Berlin’s Neighborhoods” at the Berlin Agency for Electromobility (eMo) from 2018, we want to discuss with those who are part of the mobility change: citizens, administration, science and companies. Together, we discuss what works well in the interaction with each other, and what can possibly be improved.

Our ultimate goal must be to make the urgently needed changes in our mobility culture sustainable, powerful, purposeful and, most importantly, meaningful, and that there is a “common sense of understanding” that creates a solidarity-based mobile urban society that is both technological and strategic Wants to use opportunities.

Please read the summary of the 1st Berlin Mobility Talk (in German language).

At the first Berlin Mobility Talk on 12th of April 2019 the guests were:

• Oliver Schruoffeneger (BA Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf)
• Miriam Sufraga (Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH)
• Christian Stigler (Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH)
• Jonas Kremer (citkar GmBH)
• Hans Constin (Constin GmbH)
• Claudia Rohnke (Der Tagesspiegel)
• Gerd Overbeck (Deutsche Bahn AG – Smart City | DB)
• Dr. Annika Dressler (DLR – German Aerospace Center | Human Factors)
• Kathrin Hoffmann (eMo – Berlin Agency for Electromobility)
• Gernot Lobenberg (eMo – Berlin Agency for Electric Mobility)
• Jörg Welke (eMo – Berlin Agency for Electric Mobility)
• Lars Zempke (Electric Empire e.V.)
• Sandra Retzer (giz – German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH)
• Dr. Lutz Kaden (IHK Berlin – Cluster Mobility and Transport)
• Jürgen Allesch (INFRAMobility-Dianba GmbH)
• Marc Schelewsky (InnoZ)
• Rolf Mienkus (island-project.berlinUG)
• Beate Overbeck (Mobike Germany GmbH)
• Hartmut Göpfert (move green international GmbH)
• Katharina Wagner (Oply GmbH)
• Roland Rahmig (“Oberstufenzentrum”KFZ-Technik)
• Daniel Brauer (Stadtmobil Berlin GmbH)
• Robert Schöneberg (Suncrafter)
• Timon Rupp (The Drivery)
• Juraj Žlof (TransferHero)
• Fabian Krohn (UMI Urban Mobility International GmbH)
• Roland Prejawa (Urban Cargo FMRP UG & Tassima AG)
• Dr. Eyk Bösche (VDI / VDE Innovation + Technology GmbH – Mobility and Energy)
• Dr. Gabriele Wendorf (ZTG – Center for Technology and Society of the TU Berlin)
• Frank Hansen (Center for Urban Mobility of the BMW Group)
# Date
1st 12th April 2019 House of VDI/VDE at Steinplatz, Berlin
2nd 15th November 2019 Mobility Innovator’s Hub “The Drivery”